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Water Heaters

Need a plumbing company serving the Jackson, Mississippi, area that is locally owned and offers a full range of plumbing services?

Repair and Installation

You have to admit that water heaters are probably not something you think about often—that is, until your shower gets cold or you see signs of a leak. Either way, when it's time to repair or replace your water heater, Preferred Plumbing will take care of it efficiently and affordably.

Preferred Plumbing offers the latest in:

  • Gas Water Heaters
  • Electric Water Heaters
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Power-Vented Systems
  • Energy Star-Rated Systems
  • Hot Water Recirculation Systems

Tankless Water Heaters vs. Conventional Storage Tanks
Determine which system is right for your home:

conventional and tankless water-heaters

Many buyers are interested in homes that are energy efficient and economical to operate factors that can be dramatically affected by a home's hot water usage. According to the DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, water heating accounts for 14 to 25 percent of a home's expenses, the third largest single cost.

water heater

Currently, the most popular energy-efficient option for water heating is a tankless water heater, also known as an on-demand system. Unlike a traditional tank that heats a reservoir of water 24 hours a day, a tankless unit activates only as needed. When there is a demand for heated water, cold water travels through the tankless unit, where a gas burner quickly heats it to the preset temperature.

The average annual operating cost for a conventional storage is between $230 and $285, nearly twice the cost for a tankless system. A tankless hot water heater would cost $165 to $170 annually to operate. Given those numbers, the decision to go tankless seems like a simple decision. Tankless water heaters are popular in Europe and Asia. But like many other construction technologies, tankless water heater usage in the United States lags behind the rest of the world.

While they have a higher initial cost, tankless water heaters can ultimately be the best decision, given the parameters of your homes, buyers, business, and locality.

Pros for Conventional Hot Water Storage Tanks:

  • Proven Technology that Builders and Homeowners Know and Trust
  • Low Product Cost and Low Installation Cost
  • Inexpensive Replacement Cost
  • Energy Star Tanks Are Now Available

Cons for Conventional Hot Water Storage Tanks:

  • Are Always On
  • Big and Bulky
  • May Be Inadequate
  • Less Versatile Installation
  • Less Durable

Pros for Tankless Hot Water Heaters:

  • Saves Energy
  • Highly Efficient
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Versatile

Cons for Tankless Hot Water Heaters:

  • Cost about Twice as Much as Traditional Storage Tanks
  • Installation Is Expensive
  • Retrofit is Pricey and Complicated
  • Best Performance Comes from Gas Units

Hot Water Recirculation

A hot water recirculation system provides a continuous flow of hot water in your hot water supply line. Thousands of gallons per year are wasted waiting for water to heat up in showers and faucets. With a hot water recirculation system from Preferred Plumbing Service, the wait for hot water is over!

hot-water-recirculation diagram

Water Heater Questions and Answers

Q1. My water heater is leaking. What do I need to do?
A1. There are several steps to take when this happens:

  • 1. Turn off the gas or electric to the heater.
    Electric - Turn the power supply OFF at the heater or at the circuit breaker panel.
    Gas - Twist the dial on top of the thermostat from the ON to the OFF position.
  • 2. Turn the water supply OFF.
    Twist the handle on the water valve above the water heater clockwise until it stops. If the water does not stop, turn the water off at the main water valve in front of the house.
  • 3. Drain the water heater, if necessary, to prevent water damage:
    Attach a garden hose to the drain faucet connection at the bottom of the water heater. Run the other end of the hose to a lower location where hot or rusty water will not cause damage. Open a hot water faucet in the home to allow air to enter the water heater as the water drains.

  • 4. Pull the relief valve handle to let air enter the system.
  • 5. Get the make, model, serial number, US gallons, and height of the water heater. Also, note whether it has a pan under the heater and if there is free access to the heater. Then give us a call in the local Jackson area, 601-932-7073.
  • 6. Relax and wait for the plumbers.

Q2. Why does my water heater run out of hot water so quickly?
A2. Your hot water may run out quickly for several reasons, including:

  • 1. If you have an older style showerhead, the head can put out five gallons per minute. If you change to a newer water conservation showerhead - 2.5 gallons per minute - you double the length of time you have hot water in the shower.
  • 2. The cold water inlet tube could break off. When this happens, the cold water does not enter at the bottom of the tank. Thus, the cold water mixes with the hot water at the top of the tank and makes the hot water run out quickly.
  • 3. On electric water heaters, there are usually two elements - an upper and a lower element - that work in turns. First, the upper element heats the top of the tank, and then the lower element gets the power to heat the bottom of the tank. If the lower element is out, only half of the tank is getting heated, reducing the amount of hot water available. If the upper element is out, there will be no hot water.
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