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Specialty Products

Preferred Plumbing Services offers the latest in sales, service, and installation of plumbing fixtures and products. By keeping up to date with the newest innovations, we can insure you that the job we do will last and retain its value.

Barrier-Free Shower Stalls

Now you can enjoy your shower with an easy transition, barrier-free shower stall.

comfort height toilet

Comfort Height Toilets

The bowl is the same height as a standard chair and provides comfort, as well as easy accessibility.

grab bars

Grab Bars

Make sure your loved ones are safe and secure with the installation of grab bars.

touch-free faucet

Touch-Free Faucets

Touch-free facets help eliminate cross contamination and save up to 70 percent on your water usage.

PEX Pipe

PEX pipe

PEX is cross-linked polyethylene, specially designed plastic tubing with distinctive properties that make it an effective solution for radiant floor heating and plumbing systems. It's also clean, quiet, and may offer significant savings over copper re-pipes. It is available for both commercial and residential installation.

Why use PEX for Re-pipes?

  • Resists corrosion.
  • Flexible pipes can be bent around most corners and usually won't need a coupling or fitting.
  • No need for torches, glues, or solvents.
  • It's quiet -no singing or clanking pipes!
  • Ideal during the winter season.
  • Saves money on installation.
  • Adaptable and easy-to-use plumbing system.
  • Can be used with hot and cold water.
  • Can be used with metal and PVC piping.
  • Has fewer fittings, making it faster to install and with less of a chance to leak.
  • More burst resistant due to its flexibility to expand and contract.
  • Has a shut-off valve at each supply line, making it more convenient for you when you have to get repairs done.
  • Can have a pressure-balanced system.

Waterless Urinals

Waterless urinals provide significant value to the customer by reducing water, sewage and maintenance costs. Waterless urinals can save 40,000 gallons of water per fixture per year, based upon a typical commercial installation.

Walk-In Tubs

walk-in tub

Walk-in tubs feature a flexible door operating system and are designed to eliminate major safety concerns associated with independent bathing.

Our models offer easy entry and exit from the bath. They eliminate the often-difficult task of entering and getting out of the bathtub.

Access to all walk-in tub controls are within easy reach of the bather and require little effort to operate. The anti-scald water mixing valve eliminates the serious issue of accidental burns.

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